2008 Midwest Labyrinth Gathering  Friday-Sunday June 22-24, 2008 -Waycross Conference Center - Morgantown, IN

Walk in Peace !  

Special Guests: Lisa Moriarty   &  David Blonski

A great group of people, great food, great location, good music, five labyrinths!   All photo rights reserved, click thumbnail for larger photos and  see more pix at Warren Lynns FLickr site

( photos contributed by Warren Lynn, and John Ridder)

A Creation Station creation!

Labyrinth Gathering committee members Dhyana And Betty

installing the 36 foot canvas labyrinth

Morning Tai Chi with labyrinth in the distance!

Lisa Moriarty interacting

The Dancing Woman Labyrinth designed by Lisa

Our friendly and always cheerful Registrar, Gail Ridder

Spontaneous volunteers cleaning up the labyrinth after the spring flood in Southern Indiana!  The area received 10 inches of rain in one day!

Evening falls on the Waycross Meadow, rushing flood water had been nearly two feet deep on the labyrinth ten days before!

David Blonski, the Mystical Musician, gave an awesome performance

Shirley's 'forever' salad, which slowed the lunch line, but was a work of art !

Fr. Don Jones, who introduced me to the labyrinth in 1993, happened by....

Lisa gave informative and motivating talks

everyone shared a small part of themselves at the opening session.

One of the local folks !

David's Post Gathering Concert Sunday Night at St Luke's Youth Lodge in Indianapolis


Fitting a van load of musical stuff into a sedan, as we hand off the Blonski's at Effingham, IL for the St Louis Leg of their tour.


See you at the next

Labyrinth Gathering at Waycross

June 11-13, 2010